Build a sustainable environment by design

Cornerstone Technology Limited (CST) is a market-leading EV Charging and renewable energy technology solution provider in Hong Kong.

The company owns Slimmest EV Chargers in the Market with Certified IEC certified International Standard which fits all the EVs.

SLATE2, a wall-mounted charger is a super slim charger with a 110mm thickness that convenient back-side cable inlet option, a side-mount socket outlet. Also, a built-in camera which offer users with a diverse contactless payment options.

ALOFT is an eminent super slim ceiling-mount overhead EV charger with a 285mm thickness that features a headroom-saving. CST has further invented a user-friending mobile app to remote lower and retractable cable.

Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) – The HKSAR Government introduces a remarkable breakthrough of redemption machine in 2019. After collecting returnable PET bottles and aluminium cans for compression and recycling, RVM provides an instant cash and e-vouchers rebate. RVM consists of a real-time database server mainly for supervision on public engagement and containers collection.

Cornerstone Technologies Limited
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