GameOn Blooming” China Tour 2018 in Shenzhen, the world’s first immersive experience exhibition based-on video games, had collected over 150 classic games and countless unforgettable memories for various generations. The exhibition organised jointly by blooming Investment and Barbican Center London. The game show ran inside a 4,168sqm exhibition complex with ten exhibition halls, over 150 devices and facilities, and more than 100 graphic pictures. In order for the game show to be playful, attractive both visually and physically, the architect chose pixel as the main theme; a concept based on the exploitation of video games were inseparable from the emerging of the pixel. Even though games were hardware and software-based technology, all the game interfaces were usually presented in the evident pixel. Thus the architect extended such idea on graphics, façade of architecture and interior. The entire space looks like a vast pixel maze with a colour matching of the current network trends. Then the architecture was enveloped a colourful pallet of mapping plains

with posters to simulate the effect in past pixelated video games blended with a commercial block for shopping, art gallery, and nightlife. The concavo-convex structure was filled with a kind of surreal visual perception, brought in endless novelty for visitors. Because this construction was temporary and had to complete within a very short time for the commercial operation, theorganiser invited one of the most efficient coordination team

to execute precisely in terms of design, construction and onsite maintenance. Furthermore, the organiser re-used staffs andproperties from other allied exhibitions as far as possible. In thesame time, the architect believed that most of the cubes in the space could be adaptively used in other activities, even in public areas as decorating ornaments.


Project Name: 2018 GameOn Exhibition and Festival in Shenzhen
Site Area: 4,168sqm
Design Teams: PleasantHouse Design and INTACT Studio
Contractor: Blooming Investment
Location: Shenzhen, China
Images: Xiao En

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